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APAME 2015 Transport by Airport Taxi To Hotel or Hotel Shuttle Service Car To & From Ninoy Aquino International Airport

NAIA, an acronym standing for Ninoy Aquino International Airport is composed of 4 active terminals.
NAIA-1: The original International terminal is also known as Terminal 1 or NAIA-1. Many foreign airlinesstill operate from this terminal.
NAIA-2: The Philippine Airlines [PAL] Terminal is known as NAIA-2 or Centennial Terminal, and has adomestic and an international section, exclusively used by Philippine Airlines.
NAIA -3: Terminal 3 or NAIA- 3 has a domestic and an international section. This is the newest terminal,used by Cebu Pacific Air, Air Philexpress, some PAL flights and several foreign carriers, including Delta, Nippon Air. Philippine Airlines (PAL) offers direct shuttle buses for their flights from NAIA-2 to NAIA-3 and vise-versa.
NAIA-4: Terminal 4, the oldest terminal, also known as Domestic Terminal also has an internationalsection. It is used by small companies such as South East Asian Airlines - SEAIR, Air Asia, Zest Air and Tigerair Philippines.

IMPORTANT EXCHANGE MONEY FOR TRANSPORTATION BEFORE YOU EXIT THE AIRPORT: Please exchange foreign currencies to Philippine pesos at the airport. Transport systems accept cash payments only.

Transport by Taxi

There are 3 kinds of taxis at NAIA airport. The yellow metered airport taxis, the white fixed rates coupon taxis and the common, mostly white, street taxis. We recommend the first 2. After clearing immigrations, claiming your luggage, and clearing customs, exit the building and look for the "Metered Taxi Loading Area" for Yellow Metered Airport Taxis, or "Coupon Taxi Loading Area" for White Fixed Rate Coupon Taxis. Do not deal with "fixers" who may approach you offering a"taxi" - go to the marked terminal where your name and destination will be recorded, and the next cab in queue will be assigned to you.

1. Yellow metered airport taxis - They are the best transport system and allowed anywhere in theairport. The cars are in good condition, clean, air-conditioned with efficient drivers. Metered airport taxis are available to convey passengers to their desired destination. An initial flag-down rate is charged upon start of hiring. Flag down is 70.00 Philippine pesos, including the first 500meters. Meters are calibrated to charge based on distance traveled as well as time spent stopped in traffic during the hire. Thus, the counter raises by 4.00 Philippine pesos every 300meters or 2 minutes waiting time. Approximately, fare to hotels in Pasay and Manila is between 250 to 400 Philippine pesos, depending on the traffic.

2. White Fixed Rate Coupon Taxis - Airport coupon taxis operate on a flat rate basis. The rate charged depends on the zone that covers the passenger's drop-off point. They are also allowed anywhere in the airport. After claiming your baggage, you go out the arrival exit gates, and find the coupon taxi counter. Inform the man on the coupon taxi counter of your destination. Then he will give you a white dispatch slip which contains information about your destination and the plate number of the taxi you are riding. Ride the taxi indicated on the dispatch slip. After reaching your destination, you pay the taxi the amount indicated on the dispatch slip.

The cars are in good condition, but their rates are about 2 times higher than the yellow taxis. The rate is approximately 440 to 530 Philippine pesos, depending on the hotel destination. For Pasay hotels, including Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, Westin Philippine Plaza and Hotel Jen, among others, and hotels in Manila Area 1, including Century Hotel, Adriatico Hotel and Malate hotels, among others the flat rate is 440 pesos. For hotels in Manila Area 2, including Manila Hotel, Ermita and Intramuros hotels, among others the flat rate is 530 pesos.

. Multicolored street taxis – They are not allowed inside the airport's arrival. You can only get anarriving one on the departure level. The flag down rate is 40 Philippine pesos and 3.50 Philippine pesos, thereafter every 300 meters or 2 minutes waiting time. The rate is approximately 200 to 350 Philippine pesos, depending on the traffic.

Transport by Hotel Shuttle Service or Airport Car

You can also book a hotel shuttle service or airport car directly with the hotel, and a uniformed hotel representative (usually carrying a hotel placard with your name) will meet you in the arrival lobby, after you clear customs. Do not leave the building until you have met the hotel representative.

The rate is approximately 900 to 1,00 pesos from NAIA airport to hotel and 600 to 700 pesos from hotel to NAIA airport. You cannot arrange hotel shuttle service at the airport; you have to book this beforehand.

We wish you a safe and pleasant journey to Manila and look forward to welcoming you to APAME 2015!



We  wish  you  a  safe  and  pleasant  journey  to  Manila  and  look  forward  to  welcoming  you  to  APAME201

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